How does Somali People Dressed Traditionally?

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How does Somali People Dressed Traditionally



Customary clothing of the Somali public is exceptionally different for all kinds of people. The attire worn by these individuals of Africa is impacted by such factors as religion, age, locale, and the event the individual is wearing garments for. This article will let you know about Somali traditional clothing. The following page will show some interesting facts about the traditional clothing worn by people. This information incorporates what kinds of dresses are worn, and why specific sorts are worn.

Somali Men’s Clothing

Somali Men's Clothing

At the point when not wearing Westernized apparel, for example, pants and shirts, Somali men generally wear the ‘macawis’ (ma’awiis), which is a sarong-like article of clothing worn around the midsection and an enormous material folded over the upper piece of their body. On their heads, they regularly wrap a brilliant turban or wear the ‘koofiyad’, a weaved ‘taqiyah’.

Men’s apparel includes:

  • Ma’awis, or plaid kilts
  • Khameez – Long, dress-like male garment.
  • Shawls
  • Turban
  • Koofiyad, or embroidered cap
  • Trousers or western pants
  • Western shirts
  • Suits and ties

Somali Women’s Clothing

Somali Women's Clothing

During standard, everyday exercises, ladies normally wear the ‘guntiino’, a significant length of fabric tied over the shoulder and hung around the midsection. The ‘guntiino’ is generally made from plain white texture now and then including with brightening borders, albeit these days ‘alindi’, a material normal in the Horn area and a few pieces of North Africa, is all the more much of the time utilized. ‘Guntiino’ can be worn in various styles and with various textures.

Women’s apparel includes

  • Direh or Dirac – A streaming, lightweight dress normally worn over a slip or underskirts.
  • Coantino – An enormous piece of material hung over the head and shoulder and tied at the waist
  • Hijab – A head scarf that covers hair
  • Masar – Simple headwrap
  • Burqa or Jalabeeb – A long article of clothing that covers the whole body.
  • Guntiino – A full-length, splendidly hued dress looking like a Sari.
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Trousers/slacks

Somali Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

Somali wedding clothing relies on the couple’s area, individual inclinations, and familial practices. The sort of wedding clothing worn generally depends upon the current region and feelings of the couple. Generally, Somali dress for ladies includes a delightful ‘dirac’ or ‘Guntiino’, a ‘garbasaar’ head covering, and a ‘googaro’ slip for under the dress. Cosmetics and gold adornments might be worn, and customarily hair and fingernails might be stained with henna. Men might dress in customary pieces of clothing or western suits or dress garments.


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