How to Make Gum Wrapper Hearts

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How to Make Gum Wrapper Hearts? it’s very simple and easy. It’s that time of year again when it’s once again time to begin thinking about gifts. We have the right project for you if you’re on the hunt for a fun idea that costs a no amount but can still be relished by anyone and everyone who receives it. In the below article we will show you to make hearts from the wrapper of the gum (chewing gum should say)

What is the wrapper of chewing gum?

The sheet of aluminum paper laminate that is used to cover the bubble gum is a wrapper of the chewing gum. The material can be printed or embossed.

How to make hearts out of the wrapper of chewing gum?

All you need is squared shaped wrapper of the gum and a creative mindset for making it in a heart shape.
3 Easy steps for making a heart out of a wrapper.

Step 1


Let’s take a wrapper of a square shape and fold both downsides in a triangular shape as shown in the above image.

Step 2

Turn the wrapper upside-down and in the middle center, cut the small piece of wrapper in a straight line and fold the corner into their inner sides as shown in the picture above.

Step 3

The other two upper sides of the wrapper, also fold them in their inner sides and turn around your heart is Ready.
This was the simplest method to make a heart out of a chewing gum wrapper.

What Do people also ask????

How do you foil a gum wrapper?

People in Hong Kong and Australia often start by crumbling up a piece of a gum wrapper and flattening it back out. They carefully remove the foil, separating it from its paper layer, just like they would if they were removing nail polish. Then, they apply that sticky side directly to their nails or fingernail and press down with a scissor’s blade to make it form perfectly over the shape of their nails. And then they peel off any excess foil.

How do you make a paper heart step by step?

1. Fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally and then unfold it.


2. Fold the square in half diagonally from left to right and then unfold it

3. Fold the top point down to the center of the paper.

4. Fold the bottom point up to the top edge of the paper.

5. Fold the bottom left and right corners up to the top edge of the paper.

6. Flip the paper over and fold the points in to hide them.


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