How to play the Jenga Game

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How to play the Jenga Game

How to Play the Jenga game?

How to Play the Jenga game is the most trending question on social media. The below article shows how to play and win and also the history of the game.

 What is the Jenga game?

Jenga is a game played by physically stacking a tower of wooden blocks, then removing one block at a time. It was created by Leslie Scott, creator of many board games, and marketed by the director of Hasbro. Jenga games can also be called Jenga blocks. A Jenga game contains a total of 54 wooden blocks and by joining them together a tower is made.


Types of Jenga’s

Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga

Jenga Ocean

Jenga Giant JS7

Jenga Bridge Edition

USAOPOLY Jenga National Parks Edition

Jenga Wedding Guest Book

Jenga Colour edition

Super Mario Edition Jenga Game With Bowser Boss

Many types of Jenga options are available in the market, the above are some of them.

 How to play the Jenga game?



  • A minimum of two players.
  • One set of Jenga game or Jenga blocks of 54 pieces

Main Objective

  • Remove a piece of the block from the tower and place it at the top of the tower. The last player to place the block without making it fall wins the game.


  • Place the blocks onto the plain surface.
  • Build an 18-layered long tower with wooden blocks with right angles to each other.

Game Play

The one who builds the tower plays first. A turn that consists of removing the block and placing it at the top of the tower.

The first player’s turn ends after ten seconds of placing the block or when the second player touches the block. Both the players should continue to remove and stack the blocks until the tower has been destroyed.

Rules for Playing Jenga

  • Removing the block should be done with a single hand only that is the game should be played with one hand.
  • The one who lost the game should build up the tower for the next game.


Some useful tricks for winning Jenga

  • Take your own time, don’t hurry to take out the block.
  • Always have a look at the thinner blocks that can be pulled out easily.
  • Push out the blocks rather than pulling them out.
  • Always remove the center blocks first.

The invention of the Jenga Game

Leslie Jones, a Ghanaian British national who lived in Africa growing up, invented the game. It was based on a game that she had played with her family using pieces from one of her five-year-old brother’s wooden block sets. According to a book by Jones about Jenga, people have sold more than 50 million game sets worldwide. There is even Jenga with logos from sports team such as the Oakland Raiders and Boston Red Sox. Adam Sandler even has his own branded version “A Nightmare Before Christmas”Jenga!

Some Amazing facts about Jenga you didn’t know!!

  • Jenga’s inventor Leslie Jones didn’t know that she has invented Jenga.
  • The Jenga game totally made the inventor bankrupt.
  • There’s a video going viral on youtube of a Jenga game being played with construction machines.
  •  Louis Vuitton (LV) version of Jenga is been available worldwide.

Do people also ask??

How many pieces of blocks are in the Classic Jenga game?

A set of  Classic Jenga consists of 54 blocks which are made out of wood.

Are all the pieces of Jenga blocks of the same size?

The answer is definitely Yes, all the blocks of the Jenga game are of the same height and length but the weight of every block differs from another.

How to Play the Jenga game?

The above full article is the road to the Jenga game and it’s winning tricks.

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