How to play Wordle

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How to play wordle is the most trending question across the world. Wordle acts as the online Word-creator of the decade. But what is Wordle exactly How do you play wordle and where can you find other games like wordle that are just as great if not even better? Check out our post below to learn more about the most popular word game.

Here to know what is a Wordle?

Wordle is a fun daily word game that you can play online. It doesn’t require much time, and it’s simple, like a crossword puzzle. But there’s something more to it – every 24 hours they present you with a new word of the day and it’s up to you to figure out what it is! Wordle contains only 5 different letters each day which means the word only has five letters.

Interesting Features of wordle

  • You can only attempt one puzzle per day
  • Everyone around the whole world tries to figure out the same word.
  • You can share the game socially without spoiling the game.

Where to play wordle?

Wordle game is available on its official website designed by Josh Wardle but later on, it was purchased by New York Times in February so it is also available on New York Times official website as there is no proper application.

Rules of wordle before solving it

As shown in the above image, the rules of this game are very easy and simple.

In the above picture, the letter W which has a green background is in the word and its place is also correct.

The letter I which has a yellow background is in the word but not in its correct position.

The letter U which has a grey background is not in words and also at any spot.

Green color for both correct spot and word.

Yellow color for the correct word but not in the correct spot.

Grey color is negative for both not in the word and not at any spot.


How to play wordle?

  1. Go to
  2. You Only have 6 tries to solve the wordle of the day
  3. Type in the word you are thinking of and press the ‘enter’ key on the wordle keyboard.
  4. The color tile or background helps you to solve it according to the game rules as mentioned above.
  5. Continue to solve until you run out of chances.

Do people also ask???

 How to play more Wordle?

How to play wordle multiple times a day?

If you wanna try wordle 2 or more times then there’s a hack by changing the date and time on your smartphone or laptop. By making the changes you will be able to solve it one more time.

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