How to Share full reels on Instagram Story

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Instagram is a free, online photograph-sharing application and informal organization stage that was procured by Facebook in 2012. It is a social networking app that allows its users to share pictures and videos with their friends. In April 2012, Facebook gained the service for around US$1 billion in real money and stock.

What are Reels in Instagram?

Instagram Reels is a brand new Instagram highlight for users to make 15-seconds video cuts set up with a good soundtrack and offer to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on a user’s profile. Instagram Reels is the most latest video feature on Instagram and is similar to Tik Tok which is currently accessible in the United States and 50 different countries.

How to make Instagram Reels?

Create an Instagram reel in three easy steps;

  1. Select the Music, length, speed, and filters.
  2. Shoot the video.
  3. Post it on your Instagram account.


  1. Select the Music, length, speed, and filters

Before you shoot your video, you can look for music from the Instagram music library to go with your reel. However, you can utilize your own unique sound by just recording a reel with it. You can add filters, and also change the speed and length of your video.

  1. Shoot the video

The next procedure is to record your Instagram Reels, which is actually similar to how you would record a video for Instagram Stories – simply press and hold the catch button. You’ll see an improvement marker at the topmost of the screen as you record.

  1. Post it on your Instagram account.

When you’re content with everything, tap the next button to share your Instagram reel.


How to share full reels on Instagram stories?

Once your reel is posted to your Instagram account, you can also share it with your story. Instagram stories are photos and videos that are available only for 24 hours. You can share any post, reels, and also what happens throughout a day to a story.

While watching reels if a person wants to share it to his Instagram story, this procedure will help them;

There are three options when watching reels Like, Comment, and share.

By clicking on the share button certain options are shown. You can share reel with people connected and the first option ADD REEL TO YOUR STORY. Tap on the button and then tap on the Share button, your Reel has been added to your story.







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