Things you should avoid while styling a Jogger

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Things you should avoid while styling a Jogger

Things you should avoid while styling a Jogger

The term “athleisure” has been on the rise in urban fashion due to its popularity among celebrities today. What was once just a hobby for dedicated fitness buffs is now considered high fashion by many. This is perhaps because not only is it comfortable but it’s also trendy and what makes it all even more fashionable is the fact that joggers are a new wardrobe staple for the 21st-century man.


What actually Joggers are?

Let’s start with the basics. Joggers started out as sports pants, some 100 years before they became fashionable among the masses. They are made of lightweight and comfortable materials that you’ll notice have an athletic appearance and taper in at the leg ending in a tapered cuff or ankle zippers with elastic bands at the ankles. They’re most often worn without shoes to take full advantage of this comfort feature though looking cool is also high on their list of priorities!


How to style joggers?

Style up a jogger which has a casual look and layer a t-shirt over it and you can use Sliders or Crocs or Shoes simply as per your choices as an option for footwear.


Things you should avoid while styling a Jogger

While styling a jogger an Individual should avoid certain things:

Don’t layer a Jogger with a Shirt: You don’t need to dress any kind of shirt over a Jogger as they are a kind of sportswear or Travel-wear should say. You can pair it with any Tee according to your choices and availability in the market.


Avoid Shoes: For a better appearance, you should avoid going out with shoes while wearing joggers, you can style them up with any sliders, or slippers or can have a pair of crocs. Styling joggers with crocs are having a top-level trend in the current fashion market status.


Do not wear a watch: As accessories avoid watches as it is an old-age fashion or trend should say. Style your jogger-tee with a decent bracelet or band.

Some Outfit Options with Joggers

T-shirts + Joggers

Jogger pants are designed to be paired with a casual style. Their simple and loose cut is what makes them look so untucked, and it gives its wearers an incredible comfort level. Just make sure to not select an oversized T-shirt that runs into the rest of your outfit. Your desire for style should transcend togetherness, which is why getting neat, clean lines is crucial. It’s also important to not pair your joggers with long T-shirts or shirts where the length would get in the way of your ankle area since this would just pull apart from one another – you want everything to hang together neatly.


Sweat-shirts + Joggers

It may not be the most appropriate thing to wear in a boardroom, but your relaxed joggers and sweatshirt can be transformed into high-fashion streetwear that’s perfect for going out. Athleisure trends have allowed us all to experiment with styles outside of normal office attire and some of the coolest looks just happen to include this simple combination.


Jackets + Joggers

These are the most popular kinds of jackets dominating the streets right now. They’re also a must-have item for your wardrobe. And this piece in particular is recommended because it goes really well with the jogger pants. Not only does its cropped length allow you to show off your stylish joggers, but its athletic style also compliments its design!


Hoodies + Joggers

One of the most popular and stylish apparel items among all is hoodies these days. This can be ideal for both work and play! A stylish casual look that’s easy to wear wherever you may be headed, such as going out with friends or doing errands, could include pairing a classic hoodie with some nice joggers. If you don’t have many clothes to your name, even this basic ensemble can easily become more stylish if you simply decide to do multiple layering options.






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