Turn $100 into $1000 in Stock Market

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Turn $100 to $1000 in Stock Market

Turn $100 into $1000 in Stock Market

Say you’re a business entrepreneur with only $100 in your pocket. You might want to start trying to find ways of turning that cash into something large and profitable by investing it, but yeah, you better be prepared for the long haul if you plan on doing that. Another option is to not be patient and take some big risks up front in hopes of turning $100 into a more respectable amount of seed money much quicker!

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First, you need to understand that turning $100 into $1,000 requires a whopping 1,000% return. Even some of the world’s most successful companies still take years to return 1,000%. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. You just need to take much riskier bets.

There are many ways to invest in the Stock market through investing in IPOs, Cryptocurrencies, and also by Trading.

Earn Through Option Trading

Turn $100 into $1000 in stock Market
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Options are contracts that give the bearer the right—but not the obligation—to either buy or sell an amount of some underlying asset at a predetermined price at or before the contract expires. If you have an investment account with your brokerage, then you’ll be able to start trading options on a wide variety of underlying assets such as stocks, ETFs, or commodities.

Right now, there’s a stock out there somewhere that will earn its investors a 1,000% return in the relatively near future. All you have to do is guess which one it is and invest in them at just the right time. The stock bubble wherein a lot of people would try figuring out which stocks would go up or down and make money while they were at it made some serious banks in 1999-2000.

Earn Through Crypto Currency

Turn $100 into $1000 in stock Market
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Cryptocurrencies are digital forms of currency that utilize encryption methods in order to regulate their creation, use, and trade. Some crypto-currencies are centralized operations based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining feature of crypto-currencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority and instead rely on decentralized networks to issue transactions as well as rules and regulations which are implemented constantly depending on each project’s individual needs.

If you had put your money in Binance Coin at the start of 2021, you would have earned your 1,000% with plenty of room to spare by year’s end — 1,294%, to be exact. If you had invested in Shiba Inu during the same time period, you would have made 1,450%. By the end of 2021, if you had invested in Avalanche, Dogecoin Solana and Terra, and Polygon, each one of these crypto-currencies would have gained their investors over 2,200%. And just recently, Koinbi reported that investing just $100 in Crypto-currencies like Bitmain ’s Polypay and Binance Coin one year ago today was all it took to turn that $100 into around $114K today. Right now is a pretty solid time if you are investing in Crypto-currencies because there is strong evidence pointing towards those coins putting up some impressive numbers next year as well.

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