What does Instagram user mean in DMs?

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 What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing application available on iPhone and Android. Instagram allows you to upload photos or videos, apply filters to the images, and then share those transformed media with your followers or with a group of friends. Users can also view other users’ photos, like and comment on them, as well as present their own creations for others to admire-all without ever leaving the app!


What are Dm’s on Instagram?

DM means direct messaging on Instagram. It is the way you can communicate directly and privately with another user on Instagram. It is the primary method of communication with your community, to solve their questions or to interact with them individually.

How to Direct Message (DM) them privately?

3 very easy ways to DM on Instagram.


  1. From the message section

Direct Messages are in the upper right-hand corner as you open your Instagram application.

In the search engines, You can write a user’s name, then open a private conversation to contact the selected user.

  1. From a Public Story

If you want to start a conversation privately, then simply just reply to the story posted by the user.

You can either leave a comment in his/her story or drop an emoji. They will still receive a message in your direct inbox either way.


  1. From the User’s Profile

The third option is from the User’s profile. On the main page of the user’s profile, you can see the Message button below their bio.

Instagram provides an interface that automatically takes one to the private

conversation feature when clicking on it.


These are the easiest three ways for DMs on Instagram.


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